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  • Review and evaluate your current processes – critical in periods of change but a good health check even when business is stable.
  • Review your business requirements and design bespoke Commercial management processes
  • Undertake bespoke work – such as additional experience/skills required to support large projects
Tailored Professional Management Services - Ross Interim


  • Our contracts people are highly skilled at achieving results which allow you and your clients to profit.
  • Professional negotiation of business critical contracts
  • Review and report on the current commitments and liabilities building within your contract base – we are constantly surprised how many business are not fully aware of the liabilities within their own contract base
  • Laying and defending contractual claims – our contracts people have an excellent record of successfully defending and laying claims against even the largest blue-chip companies.


  • We have professional skills and practical experience to enable you to do business in the ’harshest’ commercial climates in the world.
  • Bribery Act health checks
  • FCPA health checks


  • Management of key project and programmes
  • Review and report on current management capabilities


  • All our people have first-hand experience of the demands change and turnaround environments impose on businesses. Our Core Staff have over 100 years of combined change management experience.
  • From our wider network of Associates we are able to mobilise the right people at the right time to eliminate, or reduce and quantify, the risk to your business as it goes through its transformation.


  • Fully tailored training programmes covering all areas of our professional capabilities

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Tailored Professional Management Services – Ross Interim

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